Sunday, March 26, 2006

Post partum hair loss

Some women experience "beautiful hair" during pregnancy (i.e. thicker, more lustrous). My own experience was that it seemed to grow faster, less fell out, but the texture was coarse and nasty. For a short period of time immediately after the birth, I experienced hair texture of the gods. It was the softest, silkiest, most wondrous hair I had ever touched. In fact, I couldn't help but touch it all the time, because I couldn't believe it was really attached to my head. Then it went away (but then again, so did my edema).
For the last week, insane amounts of my hair started coating the hair trap in the shower. I noticed that this was unrelated to whether I brushed my hair prior to washing it. I began to suspect that what my hairdresser had warned me about a few months ago was actually happening - my hair was falling out (well not all of them, but lots). This was confirmed when I went in for a trim yesterday, and the stylist washing my hair ended up with a handful of it in the sink. This is not disconcerting for them - they are used to it, and they expect it near the four month mark. It's an indication that the hormones of pregnancy are leaving my system. In fact, I shouuld make it clear that I myself am not bothered by this - mostly because I have such an extensive mane of hair. The loss is only apparent to myself, the fine staff at Holtz, and the drains of our household plumbing.

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T said...

You know, it's funny... the day you posted this, I'd been thinking earlier how great your hair looked. It really did, especially the way the sun was catching it that afternoon.