Thursday, March 16, 2006

Disposable diaper injuries

It may sound odd, but I have lacerated my hand with Huggies Supreme stage 2 diapers. Perhaps it is a testimony to my need to moisturize my skin more often, but somehow, I managed to cut myself twice on the gigglastic attaching pieces. They are sharper than you think! Also, Supreme (equivalent to Pampers Ultra-dry), are not as good as regular in my opinion. First of all, the amusing pictures - not so amusing. With the Huggies regular diapers we see Nala from "The Lion King" appear in four different images, while the Huggies Supreme only showed two different pictures of Winnie the Pooh and Eyeore (plus some irrate bees). It may sound silly, but I change so many diapers in a day that I must get my amusement where I can. And at least Nala looks like she is having a good time chasing that butterfly or lizard. Pooh Bear looks like he has nothing better to do than act as ornamentation on some baby's belly. Furthermore, no lacerations have ever resulted from the use of Nala diapers, and it is more evident when they are full.
I am now considering trying out the generic disposables and generic wipes. They are certainly a good deal cheaper (especially it you consider cost over time), and someone we know has claimed that they work just as well as (if not better than) the big brand names.

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