Friday, March 10, 2006

The Money Back Guarantee

I have finally received notice of the registration of Rebecca's birth!
After you send in your statement of live brith, you wait for the birth to be registered. Then, you wait to receive the notice of that registration. Then, you can apply for the birth certificate.
Anyhow, I merrily filled out my online application for Rebecca's birth certificate at the Ontario government website. I was surprised to see that they were advertising a money-back guarantee for birth certificates. Apply and receive your certificate in the mail within 15 days or your money back! It was odd - not the sort of slogan I expect to see touted by the provincial government. Rebecca's first birth certificate has way more in common with a pizza than I anticipated. It will be delivered to my house within a certain time or it's free. I paid by credit card. I had to specify my preference of type. At least I won't have to tip the delivery boy.

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