Saturday, March 4, 2006

Where other babies have been before

Rebecca had her first official trip to a restaurant yesterday night- we brought her to Haveli in the market. Previously we'd only taken her to public eating places such as Quiznos (one occasion shortly after my release from the hospital) and the St.Luke's church hall (this past week for Shrove Tuesday dinner - where she was a very popular person). Rebecca did cry a few times (rather briefly) but not in a manner which was embarassing for us, or (I hope) irritating for other patrons. She was intrigued by a painting on the wall which depicted a bride dancing (the red caught her eye, I'm sure). I was somewhat apprehensive about imposing her on unsuspecting strangers, because she can be piercing when she so chooses. Not only was she good and eventually fell asleep, but there was anabandoned soother under an elephant statue beside our table - clearly bringing babies to Haveli is nothing new.

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