Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pink umbilicus and the government of Ontario

I had to take Rebecca in to see the doctor this morning. Her belly button has been bright pink, occasionally crusty and sometimes oozy for two days now, so I figured it was time to seek medical advice. I am now armed with a special antibacterial creme (to be applied twice daily) and instructions to keep the area as dry as possible (via corn starch powder). Becca-boo has no objections to the creme and was happy and laughing as her inflammed umbilicus was prodded and poked. Clearly she is not suffering or even mildly concerned.
And huzzah! The birth certificate was purolatored to my home today. Unfortunately, I was at the doctor's office at the time, so I will have to drive out to fetch it (they won't deliver it without someone to sign for it).
Now... if someone will only send me my tax refund.

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