Thursday, March 16, 2006

Recommended Reading: And CanLit too!

I just recently started on Marni Jackson's The Mother Zone. I haven't gotten too many pages in, but I already feel confident that I can say to all you new mothers and pregos out there:


Go get yourself a copy, or wait until I finish it and I can lend it to you.
There's something to it that I haven't seen in any other books on motherhood that I have read. It touches on emotional aspects of motherhood that aren't really broached elsewhere, and it does so it a very intelligent manner. I should say here - there is no one single book that covers everything, there are a collection of books that cover the bases - and this is one of them.

Here is a quote from the introductory chapter of which I was particularly fond:

"There's no preparation for the alchemy of the self that takes place during motherhood".

All too true!

I have heard new Moms say that in these modern times we have been sold an image of what motherhood should be, that is completely unrealistic, but we buy into all the same. We try to do everything. Motherhood is an overwhelming change, and we don't even give ourselves an opportunity to adjust and cope (physically or emotionally). You can be labouring on a mini (or maxi) self-indendity crisis (that's right), while simultaneously managing household finances, chores, raising the child, being a teacher, comforter, friend, sister, keeping on top of your career field, getting in shape, enduring the endless unsolicited advice, supporting and spending time with your spouse, planning the future, running to the doctor, and squeezing in some "me" time, in addition to trying to squeeze into your old clothes. It's crazy. That's why sometimes when people say "just sleep when the baby sleeps", I fantasize about punching them.

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