Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rebecca update: 12.5 weeks

Rebecca seems to have acquired some new skills. She is very adept at pushing herself with her feet while lying on her back. She is also more grabby, and grasps objects in a more determined manner than previously. In fact, if I lace her fingers through the musical cow on her vibro chair, she will pull it to play the song. In fact, she will repeatedly pull on the cow, until I begin to wish that I had not helped her. Sometimes, she will hold on to the edges of the arch which goes over her chair - something that she never did before. Rebecca continues to be very chatty, but can turn surly in an instant. I had to retire more clothes due to her increasing height, and I am doing more laundry because she is spitting up more frequently. For some reason, spitting up makes her happy because she is always smiling or laughing afterwards. Perhaps it's fun to put vomit in Mommy's hair - who knows?

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