Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ok, it's been a little while, but I have to share this...

Lucy is at the point where once a day, she needs to express that she is upset that she's not in charge.  It's usually a meltdown over some inconsequential thing.  When we're at home, it's easy enough to deal with.  Leave her alone to calm down, or put her in her room if she's wound up.  However, when we're out and about that's not always an option.  If she has a fit of the screaming meanies when I'm buckling her into her car seat, I still need to buckle her in.

Anyway, the day before yesterday we were visiting with my sister's family who were visiting from Britain.  My brother hosted brunch down in Westboro.  It was time to leave, and Lucy decided she didn't want to go.  My sister Fiona was with me, and helped me get the girls loaded in the car.  Lucy lost it when I was putting her in the car, yelling "I want to get out" over and over again.  Rebecca often gets a little upset when Lucy is screaming herself hoarse, and had her hands over her ears.  As we rolled away, Rebecca decided to try to placate Lucy by giving her little sister her blanket and Cabbage Patch doll.

"I don't want my blankie.  It's not my blankie, it's YOUR blankie now Rebecca!"  (Understand that this blankie is what Lucy uses to get to sleep every night, drags along with her throughout the day and is probably her best friend)

I chuckled at this.  Then I heard:

"I don't want the baby anymore.  No more baby.  It's your baby Rebecca.  Get the baby off of me."  At which point in the passenger side rear view mirror I see a doll in a fuzzy pink snowsuit get chucked out the window of the car.

I laugh.  Rebecca is bawling.  My sister Fiona is puzzled, looks in the mirror and sees something bouncing off the road and has a moment of terror thinking that Lucy somehow slipped her seatbelts and got out of the car.

Anyway, we went back and picked up the baby, and as normal, after another 5 or so minutes, Lucy was tuckered out and was reduced to sobbing gently.  After that, she always wants big cuddles and apologizes for yelling.

That girl, she's 98% absolutely adorable.  2% rage.