Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Baby Pool

I have decided to start a baby pool for guessing Lucy's dob, size, etc. Seemed like a fun idea given Rebecca's total disregard for her projected due date. Anyhow, I found a very nice (and more importantly free) application on ExpectNet for setting up a baby pool. There is a banner link at the bottom of this blog page. If you would like to play, all you have to do is click on the banner, and it will take you to the website. Then, enter your guesses. You are not required to register at the site in order to make a guess (unless you want to change your answer later). The winner is the person with the least points. Points are awarded for being wrong - so being off by two pounds on the birth weight is worse than being off by one pound etc.
If you guess the gender wrong, you only have yourself to blame.
Any problems or questions - leave me a comment on this blog.
Also - it is fair to let you know that statistics favour Lucy for prompt rather than late arrival (due to Rebecca's premature arrival).
I will think of an appropriate prize for the winner... :)
As of yet, I have no predictions on the baby's birth weight - but you do tend to get guesstimates on this near the end of the pregnancy.

Nice cuddles

Rebecca: Purveyor of fine baby lotions

This outfit is so cute.

Christmas Eve

She was spinning in circles, until she fell over. Then she would start spinning again.

The problem with washable crayons

Happily, they wash off the walls easily.
Of course, they are water-soluble.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lucy makes contact with her Daddy

I had another prenatal appointment on the 20th of December. Nothing much to it - all looks good. I did ask for a listen to my lungs - but from the sounds of it, the coughing nastiness is actually on its way out. Given previous bouts of pneumonia, this was quite a relief. Yesterday was actually the first day that the transitions from hot to cold or cold to hot air did not provoke incapacitating coughing fits.
On Christmas day at 6 in the morning, Lucy woke me up with vigorous kicking. And hooray - she actually gave a few jabs that were strong enough for Greg to actually feel. So, that was a very nice Christmas moment for us. Naturally, it isn't as magical as the first time with Rebecca, but it is still very special.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New favorite words

Snowman or as Rebecca pronounces it schnoo-MAN with a nasal sort of nose blowing 'sch' sound is in the running. It's very cute. Grampa won a singing dancing snowman and penguin set that do a little jingle around a light up christmas tree.

This brings us to our next entry, Christmas, or as is often said in our house these days: Chriniss, or alternately A-Chriniss. Rebecca seems to be getting into the holiday spirit, starting to repeat Chriniss over and over again when seeing a decorated tree, wreath, coloured lights, presents or images of the any of those festive sights.

As Madeleine mentioned, she now often cries for Dadaaaa in the evening when she wakes up. It's nice, and I tend to have much greater success in putting her down when she rouses late at night anyway. It must be said though, if she hears mom's voice or sees her she often wants a hug/cuddle from her instead and gets more upset when it's time to settle down after a mommy cuddle.

New habits

So the other day I heard Becca had rousted herself from her nap. She sounded a little whiny. Went into her room, and where was she? On top of the change table.

This happened once before, and we moved her nightstand so she would no longer be able to go Bed -> Nightstand -> Bookshelf -> Change Table. This worked for a while, but now she's figured she can cut out the middleman and go straight up the side of the bookshelf. Looks like we have a climber.

Not much to be done about it, and the change table isn't much higher than the bookshelf. A kid falling from 3.5 or 4 feet probably won't injure themselves particularly badly, she's a pretty tough little munchkin.

Anyway, a few days later I heard a similar noise at the end of naptime. Hrm. I go to her room and glance around. Is she on the change table? No. Not on her bed either. I glance under her bed, nope, not there. Ah, there she is:

Cute, not too worrisome from a falling perspective. I fished her out, cleaned up the mess and we moved on with our day.

Apparently this is now a routine of hers, as when I got home from work the other day Mom had captured the following image:

This was done post bedtime, apparently.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Another ultrasound

My GP called me last week to let me know that while everything was fine on the 20 week ultrasound, there hadn't been a very good shot of the spine. So... I'm off for another ultrasound at the end of December.
I met with my obstetrician last week. Same OB as last time. He's very friendly and personable, but I can't help but feel that it's somewhat irrelevant. All I need is someone competent and qualified to remove the baby when necessary, and make reasonable medical decisions. The truth of the matter, is that the vast majority of my labour for Rebecca was spent with lovely nurses and a resident. The big guns all showed up for the pushing part. The OB at my delivery wasn't even the OB I had been seeing (unfortunately unavailable) - he was some guy dressed in denim who hung out on the chair. I think he was the one to use the vaccuum, but it could have been the Paeds guy. It didn't matter to me. I suppose the OB was the one who stitched me up - that I remember, but frankly, I was so tired I didn't give a damn.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rebecca is a two-year old now

She is two!!! And, she is 36 and one half inches tall.
Where did all the time go?

The flu

Despite the fact that Greg, Rebecca, and I were all vaccinated at the beginning of November, we have all gotten the flu. Rebecca got sick first and has passed it on to both Greg and I. Greg is almost better, and had the mildest case. Rebecca is on the mend but still coughing a lot. I succumbed last, but seem to be suffering from the worst gut wrenching hacking. I haven't reached the point of improvement yet. In fact, sometimes the coughing is so violent that I almost throw-up. Hooray. Naturally, my pregnancy prevents me from chugging an extra-strength neo-citran and passing out. Happily, it is safe for me to take something other than acetominophen and hot tea for my ills. I can have dextrometorphan - that is the "DM" in regular cough suppressants, and guaifenesin (expectorant). This allows me some measure of relief. Hacking coughs while pregnant are more painful because my organs are already squished and out of place, also it is challenging not to pee under these circumstances - despite the fact that I am making every effort to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles.
If there is an upside to my affliction, it is that Rebecca is thrilled to have me staying home from work. If I have loud and disturbing fits of coughing she tells me "no, no, no". She is also being extra cuddly and affectionate with me, which makes me feel better. Of course, she won't permit me to wear sweaters or robes, but I manage. The strongest coughs actually manage to disturb Lucy and wake her up.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Mid-pregnancy ultrasound: Morphological scan

I had my mid-pregnancy ultrasound this week. The purpose of this ultrasound is to perform a morphological scan of the baby, and determine whether the major systems appear to be in working order. Everything looks peachy keen. Apparently, the placenta is on the back of the uterine wall, so nothing will stop this baby from making me feel kicks. The baby was so active during the appointment, that the technician required extra time to get all the proper shots and measurements. Just like Rebecca, this baby was willing to let us answer the gender question, and...
We are going to name her Lucy. So, no more babootwo references, much in the way that Smudge gave way to Rebecca.
Here is a picture of the new baby. Greg put it upside down. During the shot, the baby was looking upwards (towards my face), with her head down and her legs upwards. We also watched as she brought her hand up to her mouth in order to suck her thumb.
What's weird to me is that this week's ticker picture is exactly the same as the ultrasound pic.

Leaps in pronunciation

Bala is bala no more! Now bala is "blanket". There was a day in between where Bala was "blankee". The next day "blanket". Rebecca is experiencing a global improvement in pronunciation. It makes me curious as to what biochemical environment is necessary for these leaps forward.
Rebecca seems especially interested in Daddy this week. After no, it is probably the word she has spoken most often lately. I am glad to see him getting all the attention he deserves, as well as some very nice cuddles.
Despite my perfectly justifiable fears, Becca was quite the angel at the ultrasound clinic. She entertained the masses in the reception room with her usual combination of friendliness, exuberance, and chair climbing. She was mistaken for a 3 year old, and I still can't believe she's almost 2. My Mom had her in pigtails today and it was shocking to see how much older she looked.