Monday, December 17, 2007

Another ultrasound

My GP called me last week to let me know that while everything was fine on the 20 week ultrasound, there hadn't been a very good shot of the spine. So... I'm off for another ultrasound at the end of December.
I met with my obstetrician last week. Same OB as last time. He's very friendly and personable, but I can't help but feel that it's somewhat irrelevant. All I need is someone competent and qualified to remove the baby when necessary, and make reasonable medical decisions. The truth of the matter, is that the vast majority of my labour for Rebecca was spent with lovely nurses and a resident. The big guns all showed up for the pushing part. The OB at my delivery wasn't even the OB I had been seeing (unfortunately unavailable) - he was some guy dressed in denim who hung out on the chair. I think he was the one to use the vaccuum, but it could have been the Paeds guy. It didn't matter to me. I suppose the OB was the one who stitched me up - that I remember, but frankly, I was so tired I didn't give a damn.

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