Friday, December 7, 2007

Mid-pregnancy ultrasound: Morphological scan

I had my mid-pregnancy ultrasound this week. The purpose of this ultrasound is to perform a morphological scan of the baby, and determine whether the major systems appear to be in working order. Everything looks peachy keen. Apparently, the placenta is on the back of the uterine wall, so nothing will stop this baby from making me feel kicks. The baby was so active during the appointment, that the technician required extra time to get all the proper shots and measurements. Just like Rebecca, this baby was willing to let us answer the gender question, and...
We are going to name her Lucy. So, no more babootwo references, much in the way that Smudge gave way to Rebecca.
Here is a picture of the new baby. Greg put it upside down. During the shot, the baby was looking upwards (towards my face), with her head down and her legs upwards. We also watched as she brought her hand up to her mouth in order to suck her thumb.
What's weird to me is that this week's ticker picture is exactly the same as the ultrasound pic.

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