Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Baby Pool

I have decided to start a baby pool for guessing Lucy's dob, size, etc. Seemed like a fun idea given Rebecca's total disregard for her projected due date. Anyhow, I found a very nice (and more importantly free) application on ExpectNet for setting up a baby pool. There is a banner link at the bottom of this blog page. If you would like to play, all you have to do is click on the banner, and it will take you to the website. Then, enter your guesses. You are not required to register at the site in order to make a guess (unless you want to change your answer later). The winner is the person with the least points. Points are awarded for being wrong - so being off by two pounds on the birth weight is worse than being off by one pound etc.
If you guess the gender wrong, you only have yourself to blame.
Any problems or questions - leave me a comment on this blog.
Also - it is fair to let you know that statistics favour Lucy for prompt rather than late arrival (due to Rebecca's premature arrival).
I will think of an appropriate prize for the winner... :)
As of yet, I have no predictions on the baby's birth weight - but you do tend to get guesstimates on this near the end of the pregnancy.

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