Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New habits

So the other day I heard Becca had rousted herself from her nap. She sounded a little whiny. Went into her room, and where was she? On top of the change table.

This happened once before, and we moved her nightstand so she would no longer be able to go Bed -> Nightstand -> Bookshelf -> Change Table. This worked for a while, but now she's figured she can cut out the middleman and go straight up the side of the bookshelf. Looks like we have a climber.

Not much to be done about it, and the change table isn't much higher than the bookshelf. A kid falling from 3.5 or 4 feet probably won't injure themselves particularly badly, she's a pretty tough little munchkin.

Anyway, a few days later I heard a similar noise at the end of naptime. Hrm. I go to her room and glance around. Is she on the change table? No. Not on her bed either. I glance under her bed, nope, not there. Ah, there she is:

Cute, not too worrisome from a falling perspective. I fished her out, cleaned up the mess and we moved on with our day.

Apparently this is now a routine of hers, as when I got home from work the other day Mom had captured the following image:

This was done post bedtime, apparently.

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T said...

A friend of mine saw the first picture and said you has 4 empty shelves there, so lots of space for more children. ;)