Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New favorite words

Snowman or as Rebecca pronounces it schnoo-MAN with a nasal sort of nose blowing 'sch' sound is in the running. It's very cute. Grampa won a singing dancing snowman and penguin set that do a little jingle around a light up christmas tree.

This brings us to our next entry, Christmas, or as is often said in our house these days: Chriniss, or alternately A-Chriniss. Rebecca seems to be getting into the holiday spirit, starting to repeat Chriniss over and over again when seeing a decorated tree, wreath, coloured lights, presents or images of the any of those festive sights.

As Madeleine mentioned, she now often cries for Dadaaaa in the evening when she wakes up. It's nice, and I tend to have much greater success in putting her down when she rouses late at night anyway. It must be said though, if she hears mom's voice or sees her she often wants a hug/cuddle from her instead and gets more upset when it's time to settle down after a mommy cuddle.

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