Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lucy in the Go--Bug

So far, no one has bitten anyone else or stolen anyone else's blanket.

Better luck next time Mr. Polar Bear!

They're up to something... you can tell

Princess with Attitude - Indeed

Pastel M&Ms?!?! I specifically said no pastel M&Ms!

I'll be in my trailer!

Chocolate Pudding = Yummy

Sisters playing together without violence

I don't want you to think that there haven't been any "incidents" lately. There have. But, I did want to relate Rebecca and Lucy's latest playing together craze. They chase each other around the house! They complete circuits through the kitchen, living room and dining room. Rebecca runs, and Lucy goes as fast as she can. Usually this happens post-supper time, so Lucy is beginning to be tired enough that her ability to walk is affected. So, every so often, there is a big thump as she lands on her backside. Rebecca laps her, but Lucy doesn't care. She is laughing so hard she bumps into the wall. I am hoping we can capture this on video soon because it is hilarious.
Also, potentially cuter - I taught Rebecca how to play peek-a-boo with Lucy, by peeking out from behind the wall. Becca loves making Lucy laugh, and Lucy loves having Becca pay attention to her. It's fantastic.


Today Lucy tried to brush her own hair after her bath. It was so cute! I hadn't seen much of that type of imitative behaviour yet, so it was pretty neat to observe. Rebecca had started out with telephone imitations (if I remember correctly - I could check the archive, but I'm too lazy).
Rebecca has been doing a lot of imagination play. She created an elaborate fantasy world when we were doing chores yesterday. The dirty laundry represented different types of fish, and the washing machine was a tank. There were whales, baby fish (of course!), and Mommy fish, and Daddy fish. When we took a basket of laundry upstairs, it too was a fish tank. Then, while I was settling Lucy, she constructed a giant whale out of clean laundry (complete with tail and fins), and used the empty laundry baskets to create a giant "egg" for herself. Ultimately (and endlessly), the egg hatches and out comes a baby monkey. My attempts to explain that monkeys have live birth, and eggs are for birds and reptiles met with the usual stubborn assertions that she was in fact correct. I have learned not to pursue these things because they often end in tears. I am sure you are wondering - how did Greg and Madeleine produce a child who is always convinced she is right? It is certainly a mystery.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Fun with instruments

She still calls it a gootar.



As Lucy's hair grows longer, it is starting to curl at the ends.




So the last few weeks, Rebecca has been calling herself Baby Monkey.  She'll refer to herself by the moniker, and correct you if you call her anything different.  Usually she's okay with being called Rebecca, but if you deign to call her something like Baby Parasauralophus, or Baby Anomolacaris she gets miffed and says "No, Baby Monkey!".

Okay, fine.  No problem, she's got a pet name for herself.  Sometimes when talking about doing stuff together she'll include the rest of the family.  Mommy Monkey was the first, followed by Lucy Monkey (of course, Lucy Monkey can't also be called Baby Monkey).  It's nice that she's inclusive.

Last week I was in shorts and Rebecca walked up to me, grabbed some of my leg hair, looked up at me and said "Gorilla".  And walked off.

Ever since then, it's been Baby Monkey, Mommy Monkey, Lucy Monkey and Gorilla.

It's nice to be included in the pet name game, but it would be even nicer to be part of the same species, or at least be Daddy Gorilla.  ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Awesome Easter dresses

Easter Sunday - Lucy's 1st Birthday

Lucy update: Lucy turned 1 on Easter Sunday!
Unfortunately, she also ran a fever of 103F. By the morning of Easter Monday, the fever had broken, but then in the late afternoon it came back over 104F. How unfair for poor little Lucy!
I certainly felt as though my last days of maternity leave provided ample opportunity for mothering and TLC, although admittedly, by the end, I was in need of some myself. Thanks Mom and Dad.
Lucy has two molars through now, and walks about 95% of the time. She imitates Rebecca more and more, and even tried to put Becca's socks on her feet!

Lucy - Easter Saturday

Wet kiss

Grandpapa sings Lucy to sleep

Precious end of mat leave

Lots of extra cuddles