Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday - Lucy's 1st Birthday

Lucy update: Lucy turned 1 on Easter Sunday!
Unfortunately, she also ran a fever of 103F. By the morning of Easter Monday, the fever had broken, but then in the late afternoon it came back over 104F. How unfair for poor little Lucy!
I certainly felt as though my last days of maternity leave provided ample opportunity for mothering and TLC, although admittedly, by the end, I was in need of some myself. Thanks Mom and Dad.
Lucy has two molars through now, and walks about 95% of the time. She imitates Rebecca more and more, and even tried to put Becca's socks on her feet!


sarah m said...

Happy Birthday, little Lucy!

Annie said...

Bonne fête Lucy! Pauvre chouette, j'espère qu'elle va mieux. Je n'en reviens pas la quantité de dents qu'elle a. LP est toujours seulement à 7!