Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today Lucy tried to brush her own hair after her bath. It was so cute! I hadn't seen much of that type of imitative behaviour yet, so it was pretty neat to observe. Rebecca had started out with telephone imitations (if I remember correctly - I could check the archive, but I'm too lazy).
Rebecca has been doing a lot of imagination play. She created an elaborate fantasy world when we were doing chores yesterday. The dirty laundry represented different types of fish, and the washing machine was a tank. There were whales, baby fish (of course!), and Mommy fish, and Daddy fish. When we took a basket of laundry upstairs, it too was a fish tank. Then, while I was settling Lucy, she constructed a giant whale out of clean laundry (complete with tail and fins), and used the empty laundry baskets to create a giant "egg" for herself. Ultimately (and endlessly), the egg hatches and out comes a baby monkey. My attempts to explain that monkeys have live birth, and eggs are for birds and reptiles met with the usual stubborn assertions that she was in fact correct. I have learned not to pursue these things because they often end in tears. I am sure you are wondering - how did Greg and Madeleine produce a child who is always convinced she is right? It is certainly a mystery.

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Annie said...

Ha! Ha! Elle est trop drĂ´le! Vous n'avez pas fini de vous "astiner" avec elle :)