Monday, April 20, 2009


So the last few weeks, Rebecca has been calling herself Baby Monkey.  She'll refer to herself by the moniker, and correct you if you call her anything different.  Usually she's okay with being called Rebecca, but if you deign to call her something like Baby Parasauralophus, or Baby Anomolacaris she gets miffed and says "No, Baby Monkey!".

Okay, fine.  No problem, she's got a pet name for herself.  Sometimes when talking about doing stuff together she'll include the rest of the family.  Mommy Monkey was the first, followed by Lucy Monkey (of course, Lucy Monkey can't also be called Baby Monkey).  It's nice that she's inclusive.

Last week I was in shorts and Rebecca walked up to me, grabbed some of my leg hair, looked up at me and said "Gorilla".  And walked off.

Ever since then, it's been Baby Monkey, Mommy Monkey, Lucy Monkey and Gorilla.

It's nice to be included in the pet name game, but it would be even nicer to be part of the same species, or at least be Daddy Gorilla.  ;)

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