Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The flu

Despite the fact that Greg, Rebecca, and I were all vaccinated at the beginning of November, we have all gotten the flu. Rebecca got sick first and has passed it on to both Greg and I. Greg is almost better, and had the mildest case. Rebecca is on the mend but still coughing a lot. I succumbed last, but seem to be suffering from the worst gut wrenching hacking. I haven't reached the point of improvement yet. In fact, sometimes the coughing is so violent that I almost throw-up. Hooray. Naturally, my pregnancy prevents me from chugging an extra-strength neo-citran and passing out. Happily, it is safe for me to take something other than acetominophen and hot tea for my ills. I can have dextrometorphan - that is the "DM" in regular cough suppressants, and guaifenesin (expectorant). This allows me some measure of relief. Hacking coughs while pregnant are more painful because my organs are already squished and out of place, also it is challenging not to pee under these circumstances - despite the fact that I am making every effort to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles.
If there is an upside to my affliction, it is that Rebecca is thrilled to have me staying home from work. If I have loud and disturbing fits of coughing she tells me "no, no, no". She is also being extra cuddly and affectionate with me, which makes me feel better. Of course, she won't permit me to wear sweaters or robes, but I manage. The strongest coughs actually manage to disturb Lucy and wake her up.

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