Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fist of Fury

Yesterday Rebecca hit another developmental milestone. She learned to bat things with her fist!

This exciting event (it really was fascinating), took place in the famous vibro chair. Previously, Rebecca would swing the rattles by kicking her legs. However, this week she became increasingly interested in the cow-print arch that spans the chair. She got in the habit of grabbing it with both hands or of hitting it with her right hand (she already seems to favour her right hand - is it possible this young?). Then, she would try punching the arch to make the rattles swing instead of kicking. I adjusted her chair so that it was more upright, and it was then that she began to punch the rattles (the pig rattle in particular). She hit the lamb rattle a few times inadvertently with her left fist as she was flailing her arms about, but it was clear that all her attention was on the pig. In fact, it's not really about the pig, she just tends to focus on the objects to the right of her. At any rate, she hit the pig with her fist sufficient times, in a deliberate manner, that I am certain it was not by chance. She also did it again this morning.

Hooray for the Vibro Chair!

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