Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Experiment in Après-FitMom

Monday I had my Fitmom and baby class. After the class, the moms will often converge on the nearby Bridgehead for coffee and tea. This time I joined them. There were less than usual numbers due to a number of ladies being sick - so we were just four. Four moms with their babies and baby gear do tend to take up a lot of space though.
At any rate, I made the realization that while attending the Westboro fitmom class was consistent with my proximity needs, most of the women who attend the class are in a completely different socio-economic bracket and age group.
There are many things about Westboro which are - for lack of a better word - Yuppiefied. I suppose Bridgehead is one of those things. But that would be o.k. because I am certainly supportive of fair trade practices. I guess it's fair to say that I felt like I didn't really belong with these ladies. It's great that we have motherhood in common, but I don't feel that's enough to form a bond with someone. It's also true that I am a little socially disabled around new people, and I have some shyness mixed with a propensity to drawing blanks during the kind of small talk that most people seem adept at, but all that aside - I still felt the discomfort of being the odd man out.
The other moms from Fitmom (let's call them OMFFs for short), sat down with their tralala lattés, their granola bars, their zirconium-studded Gucci sunglasses, their pricey lululemon exercise outfits, their babies in designer outfits and shoes, and their diamond encrusted rings, and I began to suspect there was a fundamental difference. Discussion turned to their excellent Filipino cleaners ("oh, the Filipino house cleaners and nannies are so wonderful!"), the houses they were eyeing which only needed 200K in renovations, their attempts to resolve the post-maternity nanny situation, their dentist hubbies, their botox treatments (preventative of course - apparently if done properly, treatments won't make you look like the Joker from Batman). The thought kept running through my head - these are not my people. I haven't decided whether I will join them next week or not.

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Anonymous said...

Tu pourrais peut-etre t'inscrire a ces cours dans un autre quartier. Peut-etre qu'il y aurait plus de femmes avec lesquelles tu aurais plus de points communs.


p.s. En passant, je suis allee voir les nouvelles photos de Rebecca et elle est ADORABLE :-)