Monday, April 3, 2006

New things Becca can do!

Becca has entered another growth spurt and is eating like there's no tomorrow. This is the common 4 month growth spurt and I actually think her head is bigger than it was.
Also new is her command of different syllables. Now when she babbles, there is a much wider variety of sounds that she makes, including cute sounds and word sounds. She also makes them louder, longer, and more often.
What I'm not too thrilled about, is that Rebecca has adopted a habit of whimpering when she wants to be fed (or if there is a two second interval between bottles during a feeding). It is a heartbreaking sound and I don't know how she learned it, or where it comes from. I don't like it one bit, but at least she isn't screaming or anything like that.
While she still likes to cuddle, she is increasingly interested in having the freedom to roam (or rather, lie there exploring the world), and is more and more squirmy.
Everything she can get her hands on, ends up in her mouth, covered in drool. No wonder this is about the time when I can stop sterilizing her bottles!
This is what happens when Greg blows on Rebecca's face. Clearly, she will be able to roll her tongue.

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