Monday, April 10, 2006

Four months old: Raspberries and the Towel

Rebecca is four months old today. Hard to believe! Unfortunately, that means tomorrow it's a trip to the doctor for another round of immunizations.
Just this past week, she began blowing spit bubbles and making raspberries on a daily basis. I thought this behaviour was a little odd, but apparently it is an important exercise that promotes the coordination of lips, tongue and mouth movements - a prerequisite to speech.
When Becca is tired, it is more and more obvious; she rubs her eyes and becomes cranky. Maybe it isn't an improvement in her communication, but an improvement in my perception of these things.
Anyhow, over the weekend, my parents were babysitting, and Rebecca decided that she was attached to an old peach hand towel of theirs. Her room is full of lovely plush toys of all sizes, shapes, and colours, but clearly, she has made her choice. It goes where she goes. I'm not sure what qualities have made the towel so appealing - it is a very washed out peach colour, it has no designs on it, no educational bits and pieces. It is soft from years of washing, but not softer than many of her other toys and blankies.

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