Thursday, July 10, 2008

Venturing out with a toddler and a newborn...

I am proud to declare that I am becoming more bold in my outings with toddler and newborn. God knows, sometimes journeys with the toddler alone are catastrophic, but... I am finally overcoming my fear of disaster, and I am managing o.k.! O.K. ... provided I follow some simple rules, and am prepared for spontaneous barfing:

1 - Pack everything for everyone into ONE diaper bag only. Bring only essentials. No purse, no second diaper bag. Just changes of clothes, diapering supplies, food and drinks, and baby essentials (i.e. bibs, cloths, hand sanitizer). Bring wallet, epipen, glasses, keys. That's it.
2 - Do not do anything with both girls just prior to toddler naptime or just after toddler naptime.
3 - Bring a change of shirt.
4 - Don't do anything for too long.
5 - Put Lucy in a stroller, not a carrier.
6 - Go places that aren't too crowded.
7 - Use bribery if you must. Carrot works better than stick everytime.

Regarding item 5 - this is because it is summer and gets hot and sweaty, plus, it means that although your hands are free, you can't pick up the toddler or crawl under objects to remove her. Also, the stroller is a convenient dumping location for gear. If you go with just a carrier, carrying even one diaper bag and managing crazy toddler becomes uncomfortable and difficult.

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