Thursday, July 10, 2008

Almost forgot...

I ran my first postpartum race on Canada Day. Hooray! Unfortunately, since it had only been 4 weeks since my postpartum checkup, I only had time to train for a 5km. I ran with Lucy in our Chariot jogging stroller, and finished in around 36 minutes. This is not blistering fast, but I think it was pretty good for my first post-baby attempt. Also, it was a very hot morning (despite the fact that we started around 9am), and we were in direct sun most of the time. The hardest moment was when we ran alongside a residential construction zone where the sewers were exposed. It was a nasty smell to contend with in the last leg of a race in the hot sun. As I came up to the finish line, there was a speed walker ahead of me (sigh), so my pride got the better of me and I put on a big burst of speed to sprint past her and make it to the finish line first. The best part of running with a stroller and a newborn is that people will go out of their way to express admiration, respect and encouragement. Not only did this happen during the run, but it happens virtually every time I train during the day. It definitely helps me to stay motivated - sometimes it can be very difficult to find the will to lace up my running shoes when I am staring at my jelly belly. But I haven't given up yet! I am registered for a 10km in October. If that goes well, I would like to do another 10km or even a half-marathon during the race weekend next year. We shall see.

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