Thursday, July 10, 2008

The princess obsession continues

We are now forced to devise cunning princess references for each item of clothing that Rebecca is wearing. This may seem bizarre, but it has certainly proved an effective solution given the fact that there is only one nightgown in her bedtime wardrobe. Also, this has enabled us to put her in shorts on some occasions. So... we see a lot of Jasmine shorts, Jasmine PJs, and Sleeping Beauty t-shirts. The funny part is that none of these items actually have any link whatsoever to the princesses in questions, except perhaps a tenuous link based on colour, and whatever makes the label acceptable in the mind of a toddler.
I think the second pic captures her "mischief" look. I see this look on a fairly regular basis. Becca knows when she is doing something she is not supposed to do, and it shows in every inch of her body language. She might be swiping Lucy's bottle, opening the dishwasher, or dragging a chair to the kitchen sink... the look is there.

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