Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sleep master Lucy

With only a minimum of sleep training, Lucy is sleeping 8 hour stretches or more. It's fantastic!!! Perhaps she takes more after the Marshall side of the family. Poor Rebecca seems to have inherited some of my sleep disorders - I wish there was some way to ensure that your children only receive the best of the genetic material you can offer them (no doubt this will be possible in the future). Getting extra sleep makes me a much happier and healthier Mommy, but the temptation is to use the time when they are both asleep to do something productive or fun. The truth is - I should sleep too! Usually I am pretty good about this, but time to my self is in such short supply that it is difficult to resist.

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Annie said...

Bravo Lucy! Et je te comprends, moi aussi j'ai de la difficulté à me coucher tôt... il y trop de choses à faire, et pas juste du ménage :-)