Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lucy is losing her hair, and so am I!

So, we are sitting at about 3 months postpartum. While there are days where I may still feel like a pregnant lady, the truth is - I am not, and things are changing. The prego hormones are leaving (slowly but surely) - and taking my hair with them. Lucy is also shedding massive amounts of hair. Sometimes, when she is upset, I gently stroke her head to help soothe her. I did so today, and all sorts of hair wound up on her face. Also, we went outside to enjoy the lovely weather. We both donned hats. When we returned to the indoors, I removed her chapeau and discovered even more departing hairs. I wonder just how patchy she will get before it ceases. When this happened to Rebecca, the resulting hairdo ressembled a mohawk. However, Rebecca was about 4 months of age at the time, and trying hard to roll over. Lucy is not yet rolling onto her sides, so she won't be removing any extra locks in that manner. The first picture shows part of the inside of Lucy's hat. The second picture shows Lucy enjoying the great outdoors. She loves to watch the wind in the leaves.

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