Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fingerplay mods

Rebecca loves the fingerplay songs during her music class. There is one in particular that she loves.
The song is a variant of the following (several versions of which, I have found online):

Baby's Nap

Here is a baby, ready for his nap Hold up pointer finger of one hand
Lay him down in his mama's lap Put finger in palm of other hand
Now cover him up so he won't peep Close fingers around your "baby" finger
and rock your baby 'til he's fast asleep! Rock fingers back and forth.

Anyhow, during supper she decided that we should sing it. I say "we", but that isn't strictly true. She indicates to me that she wants to sing the song by holding up her finger and saying "Here is a baby". Then, I am expected to do everything else by myself. After an initial rendition, she then said "Here is a Mommy". So, I sang the same song about a Mommy needing a nap (no kidding!). I thought this was cute. The following requests for modified versions came in quick succession thereafter:
Lucy (o.k., this was my own mod)
Gorilla ?!?!?
T Rex
Prototops (this means Protoceratops)
Flying Tedactyl (Pteradactyl)
Door ?!?!?
Gorilla (again!)
Goldfish (as in the crackers)

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