Thursday, July 10, 2008

Music class

I have now taken Rebecca to three music and movement classes. Given her love of music, and her passion for dancing and singing, I was certain that a music class would enthrall her.
Well, I was shocked to discover, on the occasion of the first class, that Rebecca could be incredibly intimidated by new surroundings. While we were waiting for our first class to begin, Rebecca could hear the sound of guitar coming from the room. She was so excited, I had to restrain her so that she didn't burst in on the classroom. However, when it came time to enter the room and experience it for herself, she became a first class clinger. This had never happened before! She had her arms firmly wrapped around my neck, and sometimes her legs wrapped around my waist. I felt like a mommy monkey, carrying my offspring. There was perhaps one other child who seemed overwhelmed and shy, but even she was not superglued to her parent. As an introvert, there have been many occasions in my life where I would have liked to indulge in a full-on cling - at least, figuratively, but I never expected this behaviour from my over-the-top fireball extrovert daughter. For the entire duration of that first class, she whispered "No?" repeatedly, as well as "Go home" and "Crocs on!". Despite all this, I did notice her tapping her foot to the beat of songs, and she was willing to hold some of the instruments.
The second class was half cling, and half sitting in my lap, with a little bit of singing. Yesterday was the third class. She clung to me for all of thirty seconds, and then allowed her personality to emerge. That's right - it was full-on Becca, the likes of which no one in the classroom had seen before. Unless you've met Rebecca, it would probably be difficult to appreciate just exactly how exuberant and energetic she can be. She laughed, she squealed, she sang, she participated. In fact, she tried to turn a ball-rolling game into her personal soccer practice, and I actually had to remove her from the group for a while. So, the bottom line is - she loves it, and I am glad she was able to become comfortable because she is so happy now. She just needed to adjust, and I am glad neither I nor anyone else, tried to pressure her or push her to come out of her shell until she was ready.

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