Sunday, July 13, 2008

The bear phenomenon

A little while ago I taught Rebecca to run over for a hug when I asked her for a 'Big Hug'. It's something she now requests on her own when upset, tired, or trying to distract us from something we're chastising her about.

She's also gotten good at giving, and requesting (especially at bedtime) kisses.

She then combines it into a combo, requesting a big hug, then kisses after getting her hug.

I then taught her about bear hugs, where I squeeze her tight and growl. She grunts appropriately.

About a week ago, I was putting Rebecca to bed, and she requested a big hug, then a bear hug, then kisses, then... Bear Kisses? So I growled and munched on her face. She laughed. It was good times, however not necessarily conducive to sleep. It's been a nightly affair since then. Hey, whatever works.

Yesterday, she put a twist on it for Mom's benefit. She requested "Baby Bear Kisses". Mom obliged, doing the bear kiss routine, but gentler, and at a higher pitch. Rebecca followed it up with her fake baby crying "Wah wah wah". I guess that's what she associates with babies these days.

She's creative, but I wonder how far she'll take this in her bedtime routine? It's like a cuter version of Simon:

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