Monday, October 2, 2006

Tooth #8 and scary noises

Rebecca got tooth #8 on the weekend, so next up: first molars.
This age, so I have read, marks the peak of separation anxiety. Rebecca definitely seeks me out in moments of distress, and furthermore, can create moments of distress due to my absence. Most recently, her aversion to certain sounds seems more like fear. I believe I have previously reported her extreme dislike of the vaccuum cleaner noise - well, she is now equally frightened by the blender. I have a relatively new blender (a wonderful shower baby shower gift), so it's not incredibly noisy or anything like that. But somehow, it is distressing to my baby. It'll be after-hours purée-making from now on. She is also somewhat afraid of Lily the frog - a cute little toy who sings numbers, and which previously did not engender any unhappiness in Rebecca. She becomes remarkably wary and clingy when Lily is activated. I don't know why this should be the case. She has many toys which make sounds, but I suppose this is the only one with a human voice which looks like it could be alive.

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