Thursday, September 28, 2006

Books - not just for eating anymore!

As of this week, Rebecca is officially interested in books beyond gnawing and ripping them. I admit, I had been wondering when reading to her would begin to seem like more than an act of futility - but suddenly, she sits quietly in my lap with rapt attention. What is going on? This is not to say that there aren't incidents of book in mouth, but she is definitely listening to the words and looking at the pictures.
Initially, I tried reading all sorts of books to her as part of her bedtime ritual and also sporadically throughout the day. She was interested in grabbing and them, and touching them, eating them, and slobbering on them. I guess babies have to reach a certain developmental stage to be able to appreciate books. We started with soft ones, then moved to board books, and I'm hoping that once we get past the oral fixation stage (or whatever it may actually be called), we can enjoy paper books without worrying about collateral damage.

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