Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tooth 7 and waving

Finally, tooth #7 is out. It's just not as exciting as at the beginning. And certainly, watching Rebecca suffer through gum pain is not getting any easier (although we are getting better at reading her cues).
Becca is now learning to wave goodbye to people. Greg is convinced that the first time was last night, when she bade farewell to our friend Terri. She also waved to my parents this morning.
I'm trying Rebecca out on some purées that I made in August (fear not, I froze them). At the time, she despised some of them. Now, it seems she loves them. I'm glad I kept the food, especially since so much time and effort went in to making the purées. I am gratified that her tastes have evolved. Today she had beginner dhaal, so perhaps at some future date, she will be ready for curry.

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