Wednesday, September 13, 2006

9 month checkup

Rebecca weighs 19.9 lbs, is 2'5", and is still above average for height and weight. Thankfully, there were no immunizations this time! Rebecca got to sit on the scale and was greatly intrigued by a poster depicting a row of chubby babies (enough so to enable an accurate measurement - I guess that's why the poster is there). She successfully grabbed the stethescope at least twice, and tried to eat the crinkly paper on the patient table.
I haven't posted recently because I have been dealing with Becca's alter ego- Cranky Baby (tm). This is not to say that she doesn't have her joyous moments - she certainly does. It's just that she's been especially crabby and clingy lately, and doesn't like not getting her way. I blame teething. It's been very intense these past few days, and there has been an increased incidence of spit up (something I haven't seen for many moons), and an unwillingness to drink from a bottle (despite obvious hunger). Sometimes Tempra is not enough to ease her suffering. It is difficult to watch her go through this. I've come to realize that she is actually teething four incisors at once. It would make me crabby too.
I was under the impression that only her next two top incisors were emerging, but a trip to the grocery store proved me wrong. I had Rebecca on the change table yesterday, and as she laughed, I noticed the telltale signs of an emerging tooth on the top gum. Basically, when it's near to breaking through, it is inflammed and the centre resembles the middle of a chancre sore (sort of clear). So, here I was merrily expecting to be the proud mommy of a 5 tooth baby. Later that day, Rebecca started to pitch a fit in the Gatorade aisle - I guess teething snail just wasn't up to snuff - so I do what I normally do when she becomes unhappy at Loblaws, I run with the cart while making strange noises and faces. It worked (albeit temporarily), but as she opened her maw to guffaw, I noticed the top of a new tooth on the bottom?!?! I already had my 5 tooth baby. It looks as though she is bringing in the incisors right to left instead of top to bottom or bottom to top.
Credit where credit is due: Please note - the following attractive pictures of Rebecca: Rebecca at breakfast time and Rebecca with slobber dinosaur, were taken by my sister, and not by Greg or myself. The picture of Rebecca outside was taken by my friend Terri.
On the weekend, Greg and I had our first parent/baby social encounter. After our running clinic, we went out for breakfast with another Fitmom couple and their adorable son. It was lots of fun, and Rebecca is quite happy in a social situation. We even shared the miraculous vibrating teether. I'm still not sold on play-groups. I think I socialize Becca enough.
Rebecca recently had her first ride on a swing at the park in the neighbourhood I grew up in. She seemed indifferent. Actually, her main focus was Samantha (Sammy), the daughter of a family friend. Sammy is about one year older than Rebecca, and is therefore an object of fascination.

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