Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Mommy Dichotomy

It's capitalized so it must be important!
I just wanted to share a recent observation of mine. It isn't anything particularly wise, inspired or novel, but I think it bears discussing all the same.
Sometimes, as a mommy, one can feel invisible. Naturally, babies take centre stage, but on occasion, it is challenging (especially afloat in the somewhat unnatural world of mat leave), to fade into the background and be quite secondary.
Especially because...
Back at home, you are alone with someone who perceives you in a manner which is exactly the opposite! To your baby, you are everything. They are totally dependent on you, and you are their ultimate focus. You don't have a moment to yourself, and you know that your very presence can sometimes mean the difference between happiness and misery. It's a lot of pressure.
Moving from one extreme to the next can be mentally and emotionally exhausting.
So, a big thank-you to the givers of much needed TLC, neutral attention and caffeinated or sugar-laden consumables!

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