Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Coffee shop baby

I met with a friend at Bridgehead today. She has a newborn - under 6 weeks old. It makes it clear to me that Rebecca is entering an awkward and inconvenient stage.
It was hard when Becca was very little because her diaper changes and feedings were required every two hours, so I couldn't go anywhere for long. But, she was easy to transport and didn't weigh too much. Then, when she mastered head control, life was a little easier, and we didn't worry as much about her suffocating in her bed or suffering accidental whip lash or what have you. Changes and feedings spaced out, and poo was a daily or twice daily occurence rather than a constant. When Rebecca mastered rolling over, I stopped worrying about SIDS, and I reduced my checks to see if she had died in her sleep. But, now I began to worry about her mobility on the floor and the change table. When she began to crawl, I began to run after her. When she began to climb and stand and cruise between objects, I entered a time when I really knew what running was (no doubt when she walks, I will laugh at this statement). When she began to vocalize loudly, my reception by strangers upon entering a public place changed too. Isn't she cute became isn't she loud. Now, I have a baby who eat meals at regular meal times, has two major predictable naps (morning and afternoon), is changed a handful of times a day, the only thing she can't do is walk, but she is highly motivated to try, and to explore, and squirm. She doesn't want to be confined, is bored by just sitting strapped in a chair (toys be damned) and is not afraid to express it. In short, she is no longer an easy coffee shop baby.
Where to now?

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