Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Becca: Career Options

Rebecca is now 10 months old.

I have to go back to work in 2 months time. Holy crap.

My breakfasts are morphing into bigger versions of what I'm trying to feed her - today - plain whole wheat toast and mushy banana. I am trying to help her overcome a very strong gag reflex, because we can't have purée forever. So far, banana is o.k., but toast crumbs detectable with the naked eye are apparently insufferable.
But... to return to the title topic - Rebecca is exploring career options in dentistry and dermatology. I know, it's a little precocious, but she seems hellbent on sticking her hand in the mouths of others, and touching tongues, teeth and gums. Perhaps her own evolving dentition is to blame. Who's to say? As for dermatology, well... she wants to remove my moles. I am a freckled person - I have many dark freckles and marks and some raised moles on my skin. Rebecca is intrigued by these and attempts to remove them with her little pincers. Needless to say, this is painful, but since she goes after those on my neck and upper chest (when I'm holding her), it is difficult to stop her.
Becca's most recent fascination is crawling under things. Note: she attempts to do so whether said objects are big enough for her to crawl under or not. Her determination is quite winning, and definitely keeps me on my toes. She is now adept at reaching for items which have rolled under things. Still no walking though (thank-you!).

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