Friday, May 20, 2005

Thinking ahead: Hallowe'en!

I hope that I have a costume party to attend this year (normally I do). I am ready to exploit a prego-belly for the purposes of an amusing Hallowe'en costume. I could be Mary. I could be a pregnant nun (Sister Chastity perhaps?). I could go the Star Wars episode 3 and be Padmé. I could go for an "Aliens" type look. Predictably, I did some internet explorations on this topic. Some women paint their bellies like a pumpkin and then "carry it". I saw a picture of a lady who painted her belly like a basketball. It was amazingly realistic and almost could not be discerned from a real basketball! I don't think I'm really of the "paint it and bare it" variety. There are many full-body costumes that might also work. Maybe I should just dress as a killer whale (or a beluga - although a beluga is far less interesting). I refuse to be a pear though.

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