Thursday, May 12, 2005

The benefits of exercise and ginger

So as not to leave a resoundingly negative impression at this early stage of things, I have to say that there are some things that make me feel a whole lot better!
One is ginger. Ginger (for some unknown reason), helps combat nausea AND should you succumb anyway and puke, well, gingerale (especially if flat), is the best thing to drink afterwards. My Mom gave me some Mighty Leaf ginger tea as a gift This is the tea that they use at the spa where she works. Luxury does not begin to describe it. This particular tea is a ginger twist (lemongrass, orange, mint, ginger, apple, papya, lemon and licorice). The mighty leaf company has these huge, beautiful silk tea pouches (the term tea bag does not apply here), so that the teas have the benefit of the entire leaf (not a broken or crumbled leaf) or herb or what have you. Decadent! Anyhow, my morning ginger tea is my hero.
Exercise. Well, of course I'm tired, BUT... the volleyball season has begun. I was out practising today (temp: 4 degrees, sunny but wind chill at -1) and I felt invigorated. This is what I've been missing out on these past few weeks! Tonight I am going back to Taekwon-do, but it will be Taekwon-do "lite". I had a conversation with Mr.Fu on Tuesday night where we established what I can and cannot do in class. The idea of doing "half-assed" martial arts at the third degree black belt level was somewhat repugnant to me, but now all is well. Soft Taekwon-do is still better than no Taekwon-do. Besides, I recognize that whenever I feel the blues, exercise is the best cure. Now, if only I had practised Yoo-sin even once in the last month...

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