Friday, May 20, 2005

Emergency gingerale

I played volleyball at noon hour and decided I would eat lunch after the game.
A mistake. After is too late, even with a whole Gatorade in my system!!!
I was nasty queasy. I came very close to barfing in the workplace.
I had to get gingerale to help calm down my system. It's amazing (or psychosomatic, frankly, I don't care), but after the first sip, the queasiness receded.
Thank-you gingerale.

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Elizabeth Paradis said...

I don't really understand your aversion to vomitting in the workplace. I for one have been more than queasy at work (though from a fun Thursday night, not from pregnancy) and I assure you that it can make for incredible memories. I realize that as you are not a temp, your office place doesn't necessarily need the added spice and drama of trying to make it through the mornign without hurling... only to find yourself in a stall ready to scream at the woman who just won't stop doing her makeup in the mirror and let you barf in peace.