Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weird happenings

Today I saw Lucy crawl backwards. She uses her hands against the floor to push her body back. It was truly bizarre. Maybe forwards is coming soon?
As for Becca, recently she developed an interest in sitting on a real toilet as opposed to her potty. At first I thought this was just a freak incident at the home of my parents on Thanksgiving Sunday, however, it quickly became apparent that Rebecca had decided this was the only way to go (so to speak). So, we made a trip to buy a toilet-top seat for her, and ever since then, her anti-potty attitude has disappeared. In fact - most surprising of all, today, Rebecca had a major breakthrough. We were sitting in the living room, working on a dinosaur puzzle while Lucy was taking a nap. The phone rang, so I went to the kitchen to answer it. In the 30 seconds that she was out of my line of sight, Rebecca ran to the bathroom, pulled down her pull-ups, placed her toilet seat on the toilet, clambered aboard, and had a big pee. I was astounded. Then she asked to use real toilet paper. So, maybe we *are* getting somewhere! I must admit, I far prefer this than having to clean the potty all the time. The only problem is that all Becca's poops this week keep "arriving" at 10pm. This is quite troublesome. Should change after a while (hopefully); she has no regular schedule.
I am getting a taste of solo parenting this weekend - yikes. Greg is off at an aerial photography conference. I must say - while I do have frequent opportunities to go it alone (what with Greg's work, flying lessons, etc), not being able to gush over or bemoan the minutiae of Lucy and Rebecca's day is hard to bear. Also, Rebecca seems to sense that the voice of authority has departed and is extra naughty. Just having an extra set of hands around makes life so much easier. Especially lately, given that Lucy is still recovering from a cold and is teething... I discovered today that as long as I am in a room, she wants to be held by me and me alone. I have managed to make some plans so that the time passes faster, and of course, I had to arrange for some babysitting so that Rebecca won't miss out on her normal Daddy & Becca activity (temporarily a Mommy & Becca activity). I am going to drag Becca to Lucy's vaccination on Monday morning - maybe she can help Lucy feel better. Today was rough though - the car was in the shop until 4:30pm, and Lucy was having a hard time with everything (still smiling a lot though). Rebecca was sweet and sour. I had a little respite because my parents spent a few hours chez moi - boy did I ever appreciate that. I got so tired of having to discipline Becca at the end of the day - I don't know how I kept my patience. At least now, I have a few moments to myself - I haven't heard any footsteps upstairs, so I think the monkeys are down for the night. All that remains is to take out the trash - ugh, not my usual chore, catch up on dishes and laundry, and prepare for tomorrow.

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