Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lucy and Becca update

I'm way overdue for an update so here we go... (pictures may be worth a thousand words, but are not always as entertaining) :)
Lucy turned 6 months old on Thanksgiving Sunday. It's hard for me to believe that life could go by any quicker than it did when Rebecca is born, but since Lucy arrived it's doubled in speed. My maternity leave is half over and I'm wondering how I am going to get the most out of those precious days remaining. Because we had always planned to have two children, at the end of my last mat leave, I knew that I would have another chance to be at home. This time, I feel as though a heavy door will be swinging shut when I walk back into the office. Of course, when the winning lottery ticket comes along, that problem will be solved!
I ran my first 10K since Lucy this past weekend, so I am pretty proud of myself. I mean, it's only 6 months since I had the baby, and only 8 months since I had pneumonia.
O.k. - back to the babies...
At the beginning of my pregnancy with Lucy I worried that I wouldn't be able to love Lucy as much as I love Rebecca. This was of course not a problem at all. I love Lucy and her sweet cheerful nature. I still feel like Lucy gets shortchanged on attention, and particularly on my time - there won't be another mat leave after all. Rebecca gets two years of Mommy at home, but Lucy only gets one (barring that lotto ticket I mentioned).
One of the things that makes it easier to return to work is knowing that my children are with someone I love, trust, and know completely. There is no one on Earth I would rather they be home with than their Daddy. So I will gladly go back to the battlefield to bring home bacon, even if I am leaving my heart behind (maybe my soul too - it is the public service after all - hahaha).
Lucy, having successfully sprouted her two bottom teeth, is now working on the top two. There has been copious drool lately, but I see it as the lesser of two evils that could potentially come out of her mouth, so she can drool on me all she wants. I had started feeding Lucy solids at the end of September but it seemed to upset her digestion, so I had stopped. Stopping seemed to correct the problem so maybe she just doesn't like rice and barley. At any rate, we launched into oats yesterday and she adores it, so perhaps I will give the other grains another try.
Lucy is growing more and more alert, and babbles more and more. Sadly, those famous cheeks are receding as her face changes shape - but she is still a cutie.
Lucy hasn't managed to sit up yet - but I'm not terribly surprised. She adores being on her stomach, and she will never voluntarily stay on her back unless she is undergoing a diaper change. In that instance, she enjoys staring at her giraffe poster and being naked. Rebecca hated being on her tummy, and tried to stay on her back, so she quickly started to raise herself up from that position - which is how she managed to roll over and sit up on the same day- abs of steel. So - Lucy rolled first, but Rebecca sat first. Lucy is beginning to grasp her bottle - soon, the universe will be hers to command.
Rebecca has been very helpful with Lucy lately. She delights in having me sing songs to Lucy, and always has suggestions for which song to sing. Of course, her presence ensures that Lucy is smiling and laughing and happy. Rebecca has helped me: push Lucy in the stroller, feed Lucy her bottle, clean Lucy's face, throw out Lucy's diapers, and pick up Lucy's toys. She has also tried to brush Lucy's hair, help her walk by holding her hand, comfort her, kiss her, hug her, and point out when Lucy is crying.
Rebecca's recent forays into biting, hitting, and imitating my reprimands (when she's not laughing at my serious voice), have been less appreciated. We went to a restaurant and she starting stripping and crawling away. My efforts to control her were met with a bite in the abs which left a nasty welt. Boy, was I mad. Then, I felt guilty for being mad because I knew she was overtired. Naps are a big problem right now. She isn't sleepy enough to take her nap at 2 or 2:30 anymore, but even when she is tired, getting her to take a nap is very tough. She really fights it. So often enough, she crashes during a car ride, or at suppertime (which is far from ideal). Even at night, she has been a monkey lately. She pretends to go to sleep, then turns on her light and plays with her toys. If she hears us coming to check on her, she quickly turns off the light and lies in bed, pretending to be sleeping (we know this because sometime she tells us "Becca's sleeping").
But days with Becca are usually a mixture of frustrating and sweet lately.
Potty training is going to last forever apparently. She has days of complete anti-potty, and days where she's really into it. I guess we must persevere. Today, after a fit during which she attempted to destroy a pair of pull-ups with her bare hands after sitting on the potty (she was angry that I wasn't going to let her take a bath RIGHT NOW), she decided to try on her underwear. All of them at once!!! Then, when they were all on she started complaining that she was "stuck" and we had to take them all off as quickly as possible. Later she tried to use the real toilet instead of her potty - but her butt is too small and I had to hold her the whole time so she wouldn't fall in.
We are now doing 100 piece puzzles with Becca. It's a source of endless amusement for her, and it's fun to sit and work on sections together. She likes to focus on some aspect like leaves or tree trunks, and then move on to some other detail.
Every time we attempt a trip in the car, Rebecca is afraid we are going to the grocery store (home of scary Hallowe'en animatronics). If we do go, she hides her head the entire time. Don't know when this will change, but I understand that it is pretty normal. Hallowe'en doesn't make a whole lot of sense to a young mind trying to comprehend the world. Deliberate scaring - why?

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