Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A thunking sound

Lucy's third tooth is finally out - I can now feel that razor edge whenever she gnaws on my fingers!
As Lucy becomes stronger and raises herself further and further off the floor, her rolling seems to become more precarious. She flips herself over from her tummy to her back from progressively higher heights and more awkward orientations. The result is a thunk sound as her head hits the floor. It is very disturbing for me to hear, but does not seem to bother Lucy a whit. I don't know when she'll make her next leap forward movement-wise, but our family doctor told me that larger babies often need a bit longer to master these things. We shall see.
Lately, Lucy blows many raspberries. Sadly, this sometimes occurs after a feeding of solids. But this rather small downside (especially compared to the megabarfs), is greatly offset by Rebecca's reaction. Rebecca's thinks Lucy's raspberries are hilarious. So she laughs, then Lucy laughs, then everyone is producing raspberries. It's very funny and I hope Greg will make a little video of it before Lucy moves on to some other parlour trick. Our Lucy is very chatty these days as well, and I am very curious to see how having an older sibling around will affect her speech development. I think Lucy probably hears a lot more talking than Rebecca did, because I am forever having discussions with Becca in front of Lucy.
Rebecca's latest craze is favourites. Now, knowing her as well as I do, I know that there are bona fide favourites in her life. But this past week especially, she has been proclaiming everything to be a favourite. For example, every shirt she wears is her favourite shirt. The potential drama for our llama is vast.

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