Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Toddler wipeout guilt

I was in the bathroom coaching Rebecca through a potty break and she wasn't being very cooperative.  I shooed her off the potty but she toppled off her stepping stool and smacked her face on the ground, cutting her lower lip.  Much wailing and cuddling followed, as well as pangs of guilt.  I know it's not my *fault*, but I was right there!

When Rebecca saw her face in the mirror with blood running down her chin she piped up with a "Clean my face?".  Then she noticed some blood on her hands and followed up with "Wash the hands?".

She can be in pain and sobbing horribly, but she still wants to be neat.

Anyway, a little ice cream seemed to help the situation.  Not sure if it numbed her lip at all, but it sure made her forget her troubles.

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