Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family reunited

Hooray! Greg is home from his conference, so everything is starting to go back to normal. Rebecca was so excited and overwhelmed by his return that she literally began climbing up the furniture. She was later placed in her room for a much needed nap and subsequently woke up in a very cranky mood. I think we will all sleep better now. When he walked through that door, I felt a huge wave of relief. I love my children, but bearing the burden of early years parenting alone, is not something I would wish to experience for a prolonged period of time. You could have a day with your children that runs perfectly smoothly (or close enough), and you would still be emotionally and physically exhausted at the end of it. Someone could ask you what you do all day (annoying, but it happens a lot) - and you'd draw a blank, in part because you no longer have the mental ability to retain non-essential information, and in part because it's all a blur. Having that other person there to support you at the end of the day, or to listen to your tale and actually understand where you're coming from - well, it's essential to *my* sanity. I learned that while I am perfectly capable of handling the two girls by myself for several days running, and I could do it if I had to, it would require that I change my comfort level when it comes to asking for helping, leaning on others, and admitting that I can't do everything by myself. I hate imposing on people, and I hate appearing needy. Anyhow, a big thank-you to everyone who made my five days and night of solo parenting easier by spending time with me, babysitting, or listening. Also thanks to Rebecca who cuddled with me in a dark and creaky house, on cold and lonely nights. It's a lot harder to be afraid, if you are looking after someone else. Years of night terrors, nightmares, sleep talking, and sleep walking have made me the kind of person who does not do well at night. Knowing that Rebecca has inherited some of these problems, I left my bedside lamp on, and my door open, so that if/when she woke up at some ungodly hour, she could choose to join me. That way, everyone wins!
Lucy had her 6 month vaccinations yesterday. She continues to be taller and heavier than average (but is consistent in this way). She charmed everyone in the doctor's office and was very well behaved. Lucy's third tooth has broken the gum open, but the edge isn't 100% free yet. The fourth tooth will also be coming down soon. I tried feeding her my homemade carrot purée, and I'm pretty sure she hates it. She seems to be a lot more discriminating about her food than Rebecca was at the same age. Next up is squash, and hopefully that will go a bit better.

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