Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pumpkin - What is it anyway?

Before I post about how a pumpkin ends up in my toddler's bed - what is a pumpkin anyway?
O.k., we know it is a winter squash. It is from the gourd family, which includes things like cucumber and honeydew melon. It has seeds.
The best answer I could find is that from an economic and culinary perspective, it is treated as a vegetable, while from the botanical perspective, it is a fruit.

I told Greg that I didn't really want to rehash yesterday's experience, so I am not going to provide a detailed narrative. Instead, I will provide a free-form randomly-rhyming poem that encompasses the challenges I encountered.

But first - three nice things about Wednesday with Rebecca and Lucy:
1 - Rebecca and I had fun at music class
2 - Rebecca and I had fun playing at the park
3 - Lucy and I had fun singing songs and playing with toys

Ode to a stressful Wednesday

Lizzie has a pumpkin
Becca wants the pumpkin
My pumpkin, my pumpkin
Watch it go away

Pitch a fit in the car
Throw your crown on the floor
Cry big gulpy sobs
Stuck in traffic

Go to the grocery store
One more time
Load up the Lucy
Becca is asleep

Wake her up to get the
bloody pumpkin
Hard to see the pumpkin when
you're shielding your face

Get a frickin pumpkin
Stroke it, hug it
Make it watch an episode
of prehistoric beasts

Barf on the floor
Barf on the clothes
Barf on the carpet
Barf on the blanket

Take all the kleenex out of the box
While Mom feeds the sick baby
cutting her teeth
Fall asleep with the pumpkin
Wake up at bedtime
Eat a supper consisting of
Mostly red peppers

Run through the house naked
Screaming so loud
Giving Mom a break

9:30pm finally time to myself
play the piano
hear overhead
thumping little feet

Go investigate it
What do I find
Pumpkin in the bed
And inflatable T Rex

Too tired to fix it
Go eat frozen yogurt


Annie said...

Tu devrais ajouter un peu de musique, je suis certaine que ça deviendrait un hit à la radio :-) J'espère qu'aujourd'hui sera une meilleure journée pour vous.

Elizabeth said...

Mad, This was sort of my fault - not ony did I let her pick out uncle Reu's pumpkin with me (my attempt at making her love Halloween again) but it was my idea to put the pumpkin to bed... on the dresser, with a balnket. Becca gave him a monchichi but didn't want to leave hom all alone on the other side of the room. I'm glad to hear both toddler and squash made it through the night in one piece.