Sunday, September 9, 2007

Who is Rebecca more attached to, her parents, or her blanket?

We *really* needed to wash Rebecca's favorite silky-edged snuggly blanket today. It gets gross really quickly as she sucks furiously on the edge any time she's tired and needs soothing.

We put it in the wash before bath time, but it was nowhere near dry at bed-time. We tried to substitute her other silky-edged blanket, but that was a disaster. Cries of "BAAALAAAAA!" (blanket) followed by throwing it in the floor and climbing right out of bed. I stopped giving her the blanket and tried cuddling her to sleep. She stopped crying but never really settled.

An hour later after we started to put her to bed, her blanket was ready. I held it out, she ran over with a smile on her face, and wrapped it completely around her head and started sucking. I took her to bed and put her down (no songs, no cuddles, no soothing) and left the room. She complained for around 4, maybe 5 seconds before settling down silently.

She really, REALLY loves that blanket. We should buy a second, just in case.

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