Thursday, September 27, 2007


I was determined to retrain a tired Rebaboo starting at 7:45.
I closed off all the doors, so that if she opened the door to leave her room, she wouldn't come into my room, go into the rest of the house, or wreak havoc in the bathroom.

My intervals of reassuring intervention:
15 min - crying and screaming
20 min - crying and screaming
30 min - crying and screaming
45 min - furious crying and screaming and whimpering
1hr - somewhere in here, she falls asleep (around 10:20pm).

Greg comes homes and tries to open the hallway door. Not possible - unconscious baby and precious Bala (her word for her blanket) are barring the way.
Greg takes over the training. After a long time, she goes back to sleep.

At least one wakeup at 4am.

Thursday morning I get up to take my shower. I try to open my door. Not possible - unconscious baby and precious Bala are barring the way.


Baboo goes to bed with her Dada.

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