Sunday, September 9, 2007

Two amazing days

Friday was my compressed day off. It was 32 degrees and HUMID!!! Rebecca and I had an aborted chariot run with Elizabeth (it became a walk), followed by a trip to the gloriously air-conditioned grocery store and then... the beach! Becca loves to play in the water. We picked up Grandpapa and spent a good two hours at the Aylmer beach. Rebecca must have been in the water almost the entire time. Saturday I took Rebecca to the open house at the Museum of Agriculture on the Experimental Farm. There were many families in attendence, and we ventured into all the barns and saw all the displays. There was a big tent near the entrance, and it took three attempts for us to enter because Rebecca was intimidated by the noise. She ran right up to it at first, then turned around and clung to my legs and led me away. When she eventually gained the courage, she enjoyed the insect displays and the little bag of popcorn (of which I got none). I tried to get her to drink some lemonade, but after one taste she made a face of utter disgust and tried to push the cup as far away from her as possible. While Rebecca really enjoyed the smaller farm animals like the goats and sheep, the larger ones scared her a bit. The horses and cows provoked clingy cuddles (not that I minded). What seemed to unsettle her the most were the calves, because they started mooing at her. Every time a calf lowed, she started and hugged me tightly. We took a ride on a horse-drawn cart, which she heartily enjoyed, and all in all it was a fun day. Unfortunately I had to take a disciplinary action this weekend - after catching Rebecca colouring the walls (red-handed so to speak), I had to confiscate the crayons (even though I know that it's her current favourite activity). Since the confiscation, Rebecca has been attempting to convince Greg and I to return the crayons with a plaintive cry of "colour?". I made home-made playdough in the hope that it would be a temporary replacement, but she wasn't really interested in it. This morning she raided a pen from a drawer in the kitchen and was attempting to continue her "artwork", so it's clear that the prohibition on wall art is still not well understood.

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